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Take Control of Who You Want to Be with Dr. Carl Steinberg

Join Dr. Drew Byrnes as he interviews Dr. Carl Steinberg.

"The biggest obstacle to becoming a Fee for Service practice, I believe, it the dentist's thought processes."

Dr. Carl Steinberg is a major contributor to and educator with Spear Education and he is also a valued member of our private Facebook group. Carl has been practicing high quality, FFS dentistry for decades and he is passionate about helping other dentist to raise the bar and quality of care in their own practices.

According to Carl, FFS dentistry has a bright future for those who are willing to work for it. He covers some of the following topics:

-Take control of who you want to be as a dentist

-How to have a new patient experience which builds relationship

-The importance of photography in patient education

-The importance of finding a mentor

-The importance of teaching your team

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