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You Pay Us and Your Insurance Will Send You a Check - FFS Stories With Dr. Josh Bernstein

“If you’re not interested in taking care of people, you’re in the wrong business.”

In today’s interview, Dr. Drew Byrnes interview FFS dentist, Dr. Josh Bernstein on his practice. You won’t want to miss these topics:

-How Insurance is basically just marketing

-What is the best marketing for a FFS practice

-How to get referrals from other general dentists

-How the heck do you get patient to pay your full fee in cash up front?

-How to answer the question, “Do you take my dental insurance?”

-“We won’t take money from your insurance company”

-Why you might want to not charge for treatment not planned for ahead of time

-Informed consent as a form of marketing

-How to deliver a better experience for FFS patients

-What to do to prepare for a new patient exam

-When you actually might want to tell some new patients to find another dentist

-What do you do to set yourselves a part?

-How do we prevent no shows?

-The importance of doing things right

Do you have a FFS practice? Would you like to be interviewed? Fill out the FFS Stories request form here:

Episode resources:

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Dental Membership Master Course with Dr. Chris Phelps

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