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FFS Stories: Using Instagram to Grow a FFS Start Up Dental Practice in a Competitive Market With Dr

Dr. Desiree Yazdan gets most of her cosmetic patients from Instagram. Dr. Drew Byrnes interviews Dr. Yazdan on what strategies she uses and how other dentist can attract cash paying patients through Instagram as well.

In this interview, you will hear:

-How to Dr. Yazdan grew a FFS practice relying mostly on free marketing through Instagram

-One of the most challenging start up stories ever

-How Instagram Stories can help grow your practice

-Who is your ideal patient?

-How to attract your ideal patient?

Do you have a FFS practice? Would you like to be interviewed? Fill out the FFS Stories request form here:

Episode resources:

Grow with the Gram:

Dental Membership Direct

Dental Financing Direct

Dental Membership Master Course with Dr. Chris Phelps

Listen Here:

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