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To PPO or Not PPO with Dr. Dawn Kulongowski

Dr. Dawn Kulongowski is a dentist in Holly, MI. After seeing corporate dental offices open in her town and watching her practice decline by 8%, she recently had to make the tough decision of adding PPOs to her practice. She walks us through her decision making process. After hiring a company to find the “best” PPO plans for her practice to add, she committed to following their recommendations for 1 year and then decide if she is going to add more plans. Well, that year is up and she shares her decision with us.

In this interview, you will hear:

What brought Dawn to decide to add PPOs

Did it work?

What company she used to help her select the “best” PPOs

When might it make sense to consider going in network

How many new patients did Dawn get after selling her soul… I mean signing up for insurance

Is Dawn happy with her decision?

What advice does she have for other dentists?

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