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What does this mean for FFS Dentistry and what do we do now? with Dr. Chris Phelps

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Listen as Dr. Drew Byrnes interviews Dr. Chris Phelps on the future of FFS dentistry after practice are able to return to caring for their patients. Dr. Phelps shares some of his predictions and advice to thrive during this time including:

-Talk to trusted resources, not just Facebook friends

-Get your plan in place

-Think about how we do business

-What will we have to change?

-Did what we do in the past work for what we have to do in the future?

-In the future practices will be 2/3rds corporate owned and 1/3rd private practice

-Corporate offices will be in network and will have the best reimbursement rates

-Solo doctors will have less negotiating power

-Insurance companies will be making more than ever during this time which gives them more leverage

-The independent practice of the future has to be doing something different

-How to have a FFS practice of the future

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