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Gordon Christensen: trends in FFs dentistry & advice for ffs practice owners

Part 1:

Part 2:

Dr. Christensen talks about his humble beginnings and his rise to become what Dr. Spera calls "the Godfather of dentistry." He tells us some of the more recent technologies to keep an eye on in materials, equipment and technology. Dr. Christensen also talks about how current radiographs miss 50-67% of decay.

“He's too humble to say it but his independent research and associated organizations all have to do with dentistry and helping dentists stay on top of their games!!” writes Dr. Spera.

Included here are links to companies or products he mentions, he will also include a coupon for a free clinicians report edition.

Dr. Gordon Christinsen's Full Bio is Available Here: https://bit.ly/37O0ByK


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