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2020 Goals for Your Dental Practice

How did your dental practice do in 2019? What can you do differently in 2020 to reduce stress, become more profitable and enjoy coming to work? Today, Dr. Drew Byrnes breaks his goals down into 4 different categories.


  • Clinical make up

  • Case acceptance

  • CE plan for the year

Team Health

  • Do you have the right team members in place?

  • Do you need to add more team members to hit your goals?

  • Who on your team need more training to help you hit your goals

  • Does your team know your mission, your vision and your core values?

Patient experience

  • What are patients saying about your office when they leave?

  • What are they not saying to you but might be saying to someone else?

  • What can you add to your practice to make a better patient experience?

Growth Metrics

  • What is your gross collections for 2019?

  • What is your overhead / profit?

  • How many new patients did you get per month?

  • How many do you need?

  • Do you have room for them in your schedule?

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